Life Coaching Testimonials

As a life coach to our son, James was instrumental in helping us transition our child from foster care to a stable family.  Since our boy was in foster care since he was 7, it was a huge transition for him to move forward with guardianship.  James was there for him as a life coach to help guide and provide perspective to our son.  Our “son” often said how important it was to be able to talk with someone who “understood where he was coming from”.

 James also went above and beyond his role and often spoke with Rich and myself on creating new goals and plans to further our son’s development.  The road to adoption is not an easy journey and it will take years to develop trust in our family.  Having someone like James who understands and aids that journey has been a blessing. 

 We would highly recommend anyone going through this process to find someone like James to help their child, especially if the child is in their teen years.

Richard Minnis - Foster Parent and Life Coaching Client

Video Speaking Testimonials

Written Speaking Testimonials

In all my years at Avanade, this is the most powerful seminar I've ever attended. Thank you James!

Ernie Robertson- Avanade


Really made my friday! Powerful and inspiring James. I got a lot of take aways to apply. Thank you for sharing

Maria Efthimiadis - Avanade






Best way to end a tiring week! Thanks James and Julie #feelingEmpowered

Javier, Vonne A.S. - Avanade


James’ story is heart-breaking and awesome.  For a kid to ‘fight’ his way out of abuse and poverty at such an impressionable time in his life is remarkable.  You need to hear James’ story and share it with ANY kid under the age of 18.  There is a way up, there is a way out, and James is proof.

Andrea Urban - CPA




Listening to James was an exceptional experience.  His candor, humor, and easy-going speaking style kept his story very engaging.  But it was hearing about the obstacles he faced, and what the turning points were for him, that kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to stand up and hug him, then wanting to hear more about how he became such a strong, confident, and successful man.  Anyone from teenagers to business professionals will benefit from hearing his story and how he was able to overcome such tragedy and not only survive, but thrive!


Vice President Sr. Mgr., Basel & Strategic Programs, ERPM, BMO Financial Group



“James H Poindexter was one of the best speakers we have had in the 16 years of Aspire, he is EXCEPTIONAL!. James combines humility, humor, passionate and a fierce determination in his delivery of his story. His experience, tools for success and connection with the audience was profound. Highly recommended!”

Dr Samantha Collins, CEO, Aspire


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank James for his speech at the Aspire Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois. It was truly inspirational. His powerful story impacted each and every one of us in the room. He is incredible! It is so important for the world to heat his story and once people have,they will want to empower him to tell it again again! He is a change agent and a powerful force in the world."

Lisa Swarbrick

Senior Research Associate with Main Captiva, LLC


"As I was listening to James tell his story I could not help but cry.  His experience as a child is one than none should ever endure.  While the experience itself is one that will leave scars forever, James has taken the experience and turned it into strength and inspiration.  He took his survival fighting skills from one that could have easily been on the path to incarceration into becoming a world fighting champion.  He took his story from one of being a quiet victim into one that is making a difference in the lives of others and to be a voice that this type of abuse and violence is NOT ok and is NOT acceptable.  He is breaking the chain of continued behaviors and driving one to inspire others to become better in their lives."

 Many thanks to James for sharing and encouraging to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Ruth Gumina


Information Technology Group


I had the privilege of hearing James’s story at a women’s leadership conference. Two times in as many days I found myself uttering “If James can do it, I can.” I am not alone in that thought. We all need a role model. We all want to be inspired, encouraged and pushed to be the person we are meant to become. James’s story will do that. It is not a rags to riches story and neither is it a being in the right place at the right time one, rather it is raw, powerful, moving, hard to hear at times yet exalting in its conclusion. That James is even alive to tell his life story is proof in itself of a human’s will to live, to survive, to thrive. His message is impactful and wrought with emotion, courage and perseverance each more powerful than the other. James will empower and engage any audience be it that of one or one thousand. He will change their perspective perhaps even so their lives.

He is a man worth hearing.

 Lisa Isabella Benson

APSIRE Leadership Participant



You are  an inspiration to all of us.  You spoke with passion and shared honest feelings about your life experience.  Through your talk, you brought encouragement, motivation, and hope to all of us as workers, youth, and foster parents.   Thanks so much for sharing and wish you all the best in every aspect of your life.

- Kathleen Djukic, Lsw

- NYAP Treatment Coordinator

I normally do not work at the Lakewood NYAP office on Fridays, but our supervisor informed me of your speaking engagement and asked if I would be interested in attending.  I decided to attend and I think It was one of the most rewarding ways I could have spent my day off.  Your story was very interesting, very uplifting and put a positive spin on the foster care system.  There is such sadness knowing that many of the children never have a positive outcome.  You told your story in a way that made me think I was there during your journey.  You obviously have that something extra that helped you endure the worst of circumstances.  Congrats on being a success in so many aspects of your life and the best of luck with all your future endeavors.

- Ginger Drago
- NYAP Office Specialist
- Lakewood Office

I enjoyed James's speech. The things we have gone through are very similar so I can relate to everything he said. Its great to have someone willing to talk about these issues out there. He is an example that you can go through hard times and still be successful.

- Leroy Bert


My husband and I are Foster to adopt and currently have a 16 year old boy.  James spoke at one of our training sessions and took the time to share his story.  He was open and honest in answering the many questions everyone had as well as taking the time to talk to the kids there.  The Foster care system is a roller coaster for these kids with many ups and downs.  We appreciated hearing how he was able to stay in a positive direction.  Meeting him re-energized us.  Thanks James.

- Clare Chesnavage

- Harpers Ferry, WV.